Florrie James

“I’m enjoying the slow pace, having time measured out by the ferry crossings that pass my window. I have taken up fishing, but I’m yet to catch a sea trout.”

Florrie James on her Margaret Tait Residency in Orkney, 2014

About the artist

Florrie James (b.1986 in Sheffield, UK) lives and works in Glasgow. She completed her BA at the Glasgow School of Art in 2010. Recent projects include Brighthouse, a commission for Collective Gallery’s All Sided GamesAttention Deficit-Reductionalism with Emilia Muller-Ginorio, Intermedia, Glasgow and Transcendental Indexation, part of Four Day Network of Expanded Meaning, Generator Projects, Dundee. Florrie was awarded the Glasgow Film Margaret Tait Residency 2014, presenting a new film O.K. Rick at Glasgow Film Festival, 2015.